Choosing your alliance

1. Les différents types d'alliances

Eternity band

Eternity band is a classic that stands out for its rare brilliance. Precious stones are studded over the entire surface of the ring. They remain visible and twinkle whatever the position of your finger is.

Half eternity wedding ring

Diamonds or gemstones are set on the top of the wedding-ring. Sublime and elegant, this ring ensures an outstanding comfort.

Flush wedding ring

Prized by many brides, a flush wedding ring is adorned with small diamonds or precious gemstones scattered over its surface. It is part of the entry-level models.

Pave wedding ring

A pave wedding ring is a timeless prestige band. This jewelry that appeals most brides is enhanced by several diamond ranks. The pavement is often set to two thirds of the surface of the ring.

Setting types

Prong setting

Most popular and classic setting types, the prong setting highlights the brilliance of the diamond. The gemstone is gently squeezed between four slightly bent claws that provides its strong attachment to the frame. This setting allows the maximum amount of light to pass through the diamond, which enhances its brilliance. .

Pave setting

Pave setting is the best technique to bring out small gemstones and pavement. Numerous small diamonds are set closely together with tiny prongs into the body of the ring. That creates a beautiful and sparkling continuous surface.

Channel setting

Used especially for wedding ring adorned with several white diamonds, channel setting is the best method to bring out modern looking jewelry. The gemstones are fitted in groove. They are perfectly held into place and offer an exceptional brilliance.

Bar setting

This technique brings a modern touch to classic designs and ensures a perfect fit to gemstones. They are embedded in rows between two thin parallel bars. This method gives an exceptional brilliance to the jewel.

Bezel setting

Gently encases in a frame of metal, the gemstone captures the light well while being fully protected. With its smooth and clean appearance, the jewelry is very elegant. The gemstone appears larger.

Bright-cut setting

The bright-cut brings a modern look to a jewel. It involves inserting small golden pyramids between diamonds. Combining expertise and aesthetic, this technique creates a highly reflective surface that accentuates gemstones’ sparkling.

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